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COVID-19 - Navigating the risk it poses to your business

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20 Apr 2020  |  0 Comments

A message from Guild Insurance

With the recent escalation of measures surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to ensure you had access to the most up-to-date information to help you understand the potential impact on your business, and how we’re working to support you through these uncertain times.

A new online resource

We have developed a COVID-19 information page to provide you with advice and the answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked by customers and our Association partners. It will be updated as the situation progresses, so please come back to view the content as often as required.

See the resource page for relevant information for physiotherapists on the following topics

Telehealth or telepractice services

  • What are telehealth or telepractice services?
  • Am I able to provide telehealth or telepractice services and still be covered by my Guild Insurance policy?
  • What do I need to be aware of when providing telehealth or telepractice services?

Identifying the risks your business may be facing

  • Safeguarding your people and your customers
  • Review government and regulator advice and requirements regularly
  • Assess supply chain impacts Financial impacts    

Managing the disruption faced by your business

  • Good hygiene in your business
  • Communication with customers/clients/patients
  • Your products and supply chain
  • Plan for plans to change
  • My business is experiencing lost trade and cashflow problems

Managing the impact on your staff

  • I have an employee who has recently returned from overseas (or has been in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19) and is required by state law and federal guidelines to self-isolate for 14 days. Do I have to pay the employee?
  • I have an employee who has presented to work with cold symptoms but they are fit to work in the workplace. Can I send them home, with or without pay?
  • The government has directed that my business (industry) has to close down (or prevent access to premises) what do I do about my staff?
  • A frequent visitor to the workplace has just informed us that they have tested positive for COVID-19 and some people (other visitors and employees) have been in contact with that person? What should I do? Do I need to shut the premises down?
  •  A staff member has just told me that their child’s school will be closed tomorrow and they can’t attend work? What leave should they take?
  • There has been general downturn in my business due to the impact of COVID-19 on my suppliers and customers and I am considering reducing operations, what can I do about my staff?

Understanding your Insurance policy

  • Is my business covered for loss of income if we are forced to close because of Coronavirus?
  • How can this be excluded?
  • What is a listed disease?
  • Is this just a way to get out of paying now?
  • Is this just limited to Guild’s policies?
  • Is my business covered in relation to a Liability or Professional Indemnity claim related to Coronavirus infection?
  • Disruption to my business is making it difficult for me to cover my business expenses. Does Guild Insurance provide premium payment relief?

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