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Could your towels be a fire risk?

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4 Feb 2019  |  0 Comments

Could your towels be a fire risk

Massage oils and towels are a staple for many physiotherapy clinics. But, did you know that residue left on linens and towels has been known to spontaneously combust and cause fires? It might seem like something out of a cartoon, but this is a real event that can and has happened.

Use these handy dos and don’ts from Guild Insurance to help keep your linen and towels clean and safe.


  • Do remove lint from the dryer after every use. When lint is clogged in the dryer it restricts the airflow throughout the machine. This forces the machine to overheat and thus can be a fire hazard.
  • Do wash linen and towels thoroughly before placing in the dryer to ensure any chemicals or oils have been removed from the fabric.
  • Do consider the benefits of outsourcing the washing and drying of linen. This removes any potential hazards from your clinic.


  • Don’t leave soiled linen in a pile or laundry bin overnight before washing. Instead, rinse or wash as soon as possible after use in hot water. Pre-soaking can also assist in the removal of oily residue.
  • Don’t fold and store items immediately from the dryer. Warm linen stored in a confined space can spontaneously combust and cause a fire. To avoid this, remove the items from the dryer when the cycle is complete and allow to cool.
  • Don’t push your dryer beyond its rated capacity or use it for purposes other than what it is designed for.

To find out how Guild can help protect your clinic get a business insurance quote online today or for more risk resources, visit Guild Insurance.

Guild Insurance Limited ABN 55 004 538 863, AFS Licence No. 233 791. This article contains information of a general nature only, and is not intended to constitute the provision of legal advice. PHY20008

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