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Andrew Ellis and World Health Webinars

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19 Apr 2015  |  0 Comments

Andrew Ellis World Health Webinars

Andrew Ellis is a physiotherapist and entrepreneur. CEO and developer of World Health Webinars (WHW), Andrew's aim is to provide continued professional development (CPD) that is easily accessible for rural/remote or time poor practitioners who want to be at the cutting edge of their profession.  

WHW delivers world class CPD to physiotherapists through online seminars and ensures the content for each webinar has been peer reviewed and is relevant in Australia.

Andrew kindly shares the story of his success with Physio Hub.

I have to admit I have always been scared of flying. From as young as I can remember I was 'that kid' on the plane, with a brown paper bag breathing in and out of it frantically when the plane was taking off and landing. At the time of writing, I am sitting on a tiny REX SAAB 340 flight to Parkes NSW, where I am taking advantage of the little time I have to complete a one-off functional physiotherapy assessment on an injured worker. Just moments ago the plane hit significant turbulence, even before the pilot had time to switch on the seat-belt sign, my heart rate started racing, my pupils dilated and hands began to sweat whilst I clumsily secured myself into my seat. With this all going on, I knew it was the perfect time to complete this blog entry.

You see, I do my best work under pressure. I love channeling energy from one source to another. I am only 29 years of age and the CEO of online education giant, World Health Webinars. Being able to work under pressure has been crucial to my success. Before I tell you about what it is that I do, let me take you back to how it all began.

It was early 2011, I was an eager and passionate physiotherapist who finally had permission to leave my rural placement for a few days, to complete quality continual professional development (CPD), APA’s Sports Level One course in Lidcombe. It was just over one year since graduating and this was the first external course that I was to complete since receiving my formal Graduate Entry Master’s degree at Sydney University in 2009.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I ran into an old class-mate from Uni. I proudly proceeded to tell him my plans for CPD and how I wanted to complete one more course after this within the next 12 months. You see, I was always a strong student and was excited by the prospect of one day being a recognised industry leader. I was satisfied with my proactive approach and was keen to show off my interest in continual professional development.

But after sharing my plans, I distinctly remember the look on his face and how quickly my state of satisfaction was supervened as he began to tell me that this was his 5th CPD course and had two more planned for this year alone. I couldn’t believe it, he would have completed seven courses by the time I had done two. My old class-mate would have more skill, talent and experience than I would have. A sense of urgency kicked in for the first time, I realised this rural contract that I had so humbly accepted could set me back. Only 12 months after graduating and I was already significantly falling behind the game as a clinician. This was not O.K.

I returned to Griffith, NSW, to the hospital which I had been working at and after several conversations, emails and phone calls, one thing had become clear; rural physiotherapists were not being granted the same equal opportunities when it came to continual professional development as our metropolitan counterparts. I needed to create a way to bring the best from the city out to the country. In fact, I wanted to bring the best from around the world.

I researched and I found an online platform that would allow me to remotely connect to specialists all around the world. I raised capital, created a business plan and got to work with a business partner.

Putting this business plan into action, I was already working 8am – 5pm at Griffith Base Hospital, I continued my working day from 6pm – 9pm a private practice that I had created on the side, ‘Griffith Clinical Physiotherapy’ due to the significant lack of staff in the area and the extended waiting periods for patient.

Alongside my average 13 hour day, I was competing in a local dancing competition called “dancing with our stars”, an annual fundraiser for the town which required up to three hours of training per week, I also was playing soccer with games at the weekends and training once during the week, and I was trying to fit in the time to date a beautiful and smart General Surgeon whom I just met at the hospital.

Despite this high level of activity, I built World Health Webinars, every night between 11pm and 3am. I was working hard and World Health Webinars was born.

World Health Webinars reached its tipping point in 2014. Our customer database exploded with new members from Australia and internationally. I was able to quit the 9 – 5 rat race and work as the CEO of my own company. I was able to reduce my workload by three hours a day, and employed six people alongside me.

Most of my time was spent developing the US branch of the business. Americans seem to love our Aussie specialists! World Health Webinars quality product was apparent, our goal of delivering high quality, continuing professional development to physiotherapists of any region had come to realisation. As metropolitan physiotherapists in Australia clocked onto the value of the program we delivered, they also signed up. The snow-ball effect was in play. To date World Health Webinars has over 5,000 active members in 12 countries around the world and is still growing.

At the beginning of April 2015, World Health Webinars drew up a plan to partner with the web development company ‘Cast Control’ run by Matthew Lear, a young entrepreneurial and tech genius. Together we aim to push World Health Webinars to new heights by releasing new technology and a savvy mobile website to make CPD that little bit easier and more accessible.

Setting up and running World Health Webinars has taught me many things. It has taught me about work-life balance, it has helped me shape my future and also about lifestyle design. To me it’s all about design and giving 100% into everything you do. I believe we need to tell the universe how we want to live and to implement a structured plan on how to get there. That way we can devote every waking moment to moving forward and getting to where we want to be. There’s nothing worse than being stagnant in life. The business challenges I have faced have been numerous and constant. However, it has been a pleasure and rewarding. I’m so content to have been able to fill the void and bring CPD to any clinician no matter where they are.

A big thank you needs to go to Sarah Flanagan. She’s a young entrepreneur and developer of Physio Hub. Her kind nature, strong ambition and benevolent qualities shine through her work in Physio Hub. It’s for these reasons that I know Physio Hub will be a big player now and in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I’m honoured and it was my pleasure to write this for you.

World Health Webinars


Andrew Ellis

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